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Drug use can have harmful effects on both the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. There is evidence to suggest that alcohol and cannabis have contributed to the growth of a large number of diseases in countries around the world.

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Depressants - a Class 2 Drug These are often called tranquilizers or are used to improve or prevent mental stress. You can get them by prescription. Their main effect is relaxation.

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The second type of depressants (usually caffeine) target the central nervous system through a mechanism analogous to what is known as opiate. These chemicals increase feelings of pain or stimulation and are less addictive than nicotine. The third type of depressant (usually alcohol) works by binding to opioid receptors located at the brainstem in the buy Lyrica cord.

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Opioids cause cravings for the addictive substance, but when taken along with other depressants, it makes the user feel more depressed or intoxicated.

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